Northern Rail Extension Project

Project Participants

The Northern Rail Extension Project is an Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) project. The extension required federal approval because it involved construction of a new line. The Surface Transportation Board was the lead federal agency responsible for completing the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that determined the final route selection.


National Environmental Policy Act/Environmental Impact Statement

Design and Permitting

Lead Agency

Surface Transportation Board (STB)
Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC)

Cooperating Agencies

Bureau of Land Management
Federal Railroad Administration
Federal Transit Administration
US Air Force 354th Fighter Wing Command
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Coast Guard
US Department of Defense Alaska Command


Environmental Impact Statement

Preliminary and final design

Permit applications

Construction management

Geographic Scope

A broad corridor between North Pole and Delta Junction areas
A narrow 200 foot right-of-way within an 80 mile corridor (to be selected during the EIS process)

Funding Source

EIS: FRA Grant to ARRC

Permitting & Preliminary Engineering: FRA Grant to ARRC

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